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CJ Hendry's Fashion and Packaging Illustrations


We love seeing gestural fashion illustrations with beautiful brush strokes and marker flicks. But when we saw a photograph of a crumpled up luxury retail shopping bag, we were surprised to find out it was an illustration by Australian artist CJ Hendry. CJ creates photo-realistic art of fashion and luxury with a layered scribble technique of pen and ink requiring a myriad of photographic references, and 16–hour days.

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Design Packaging Continues to Grow

Design Packaging Expands

Design Packaging's retail packaging creative department is under construction. we're rearranging the floorplan, adding square footage, and 3 sales offices. Today marks day 3 of this remodel under the watchful eye of New World Contractors, which has moved creative into the Design Packaging showroom as temporary cramped quarters. The carpet's been removed, back wall torn down and the new wall has been put up! Since the Sales office is also growing they've been temporarily displaced into the showroom as well.

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Super Lux: City North

City North Pic1

Next week is the grand opening of City North, the monstrous lux experience being built west of our North Scottsdale offices. Just when you thought you were running out of places to eat and shop, here come Ocean Prime, 25 Degrees, Saito's Japanese Steakhouse, not to mention a new Bebe, Haus, and Anne Taylor LOFT. Really, for me it's more about eating and people watching than clothes shopping, and this place is primed for that.

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