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Grolsch Beer Bottle Repackaged


Inspiration is everywhere, from the edge of the runway to the tip of a Grolsch with friends around a bonfire. Sitting and discussing potential applications of the “lightning closure” flip top contraption that makes Grolsch bottles so recognizable, we began evolving the concept further. Some quick google research yielded that the flip top closure was patented January 1875 to then New Yorker Charles De Quillfeldt, we decided that after 138 years it was time to expand this concept a bit.  The main question that bubbled up drove the concept, “why not replace the canned version with glass and lightning closure for wide mouth pour, and reusability?”

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Squeezable Truffle Packaging

Chocolate Box Render

Hi my name is Evelio and I am a paper folding addict.

Paper folding has always intrigued me so I’m fascinated by new techniques and love testing anything related to folding paper.

It’s obvious from my sketches that, if the concept allows me to organically incorporate folded paper into a concept, I will.  Unfortunately, most of the time those concepts work their way out of the final piece due to pricing constraints or material limitations in the mass production environment.  But, not this time…

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Safeway Rebrands In-House Snack Packaging "Artisan"


Well, not artisan in the sense of food (though we found it pretty yummy), but artisan in the sense of packaging design. "The Snack Artist" is Safeway's store-brand of snacks that feature clever names and doodles on the food packaging. Frankly, we think it's brilliant.

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Design Packaging Wins GDUSA Awards


We're excited to announce that Design Packaging has been awarded three GDUSA (Graphic Design USA) awards: Our DPI Luxe Kit for Luxury Packaging, the 2010 Chateau Ste Michelle Artist Meritage Series wine box for Wine & Liquor, and the Julia Baker Confections chocolate box for Food & Beverage.


The sleek black & white promotional piece is given to prospective clients, or, anyone interested in our company. The look is modern and contemporary, featuring two main pieces: the sleeve and the a rigid box that houses information. The white patent leather sleeve highlights the elegant subtleness of the debossing pattern while the interior is lined with rich faux suede, giving it an exceptional look and feel. The rigid box is detailed with a spot varnish pattern and nestled inside are loose-leaf pages highlighting our packaging, and a business card. The book-like construction allows the receiver to store it on a desk, personal library, or anywhere else.

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Bûche de Noel: Pierre Hermé Paris



Photos by Louison And So On Blog

There are many sweet creations made during the holiday season, but none is more traditional and spectacular than a Bûche de Neol (or Yule Log, as we say here in the states). Pierre Hermé, a french purveyor of luxury sweet treats, created his rendition using three sectioned layers of the "log", chocolate ganache from Venezuela, bark made of almond paste, and an axe to top it off. And for 120 Euros, it will be perfect for your next fete (that's "celebration" in french).

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Design Packaging Inc. Gets Shelved


The Phoenix Design Week 2010 Shelved Exhibit, whose focus was Phoenix package design, is a conference hosting 30 national and local speakers, ADOBE training, exhibits, and receptions.

Being featured at the Shelved Exhibit was a unique way for Design Packaging to connect with the area’s design community including advertising agencies, design studios, and packaging aficionados. Our featured items included Juicy Couture's Bible box (also showcased in Lurzer's Archive's 200 Best Packaging), Scottsdale Chocolatier Julia Baker's truffle boxes, Chateau Ste Michelle Artist Series Wine display box, Bulgari's collapsible rigid box with ribbon closure, and Crate & Barrel’s cut & sew linen cases.

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Chateau Ste Michelle - Featuring Artist T.L. Lange


Through their Artist Series Meritage wines, Chateau Ste Michelle pays tribute to the work of one renowned artist each year.  A feast for the eyes and palate, the collection celebrates the passion of each artisan, the winemaker and the artist, offering vintage wines in a beautifully crafted case.


This year’s series utilized a unique design and featured work from the late T.L. Lange whose use of vivid colors paired with abstract shapes offered us endless design inspiration.  Hinged together, the box opens to unveil three triangular compartments each displaying a bottle of wine and portions of Lange’s creation.  The collapsible design allows for minimal retail shelf space when closed, but still creates an impressive display piece when opened. 

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Get Jack Black's Pecan Pie


We've got friends in great places. Our friends at Jack Black sent over this surprise pecan pie yesterday (in this laser etched packaging) and everyone came out of the woodwork to grab a slice. This was just enough sugar to send us zooming through the rest of the week, and anyone who knows me knows how much I love food. So this was definitely a great gift, thanks so much gals!

Ste Michelle Wine Packaging

Wine Packaging 1

When Washington State's oldest and most acclaimed winery came calling, Design Packaging was ready for a challenge.  Every year Ste Michelle produces a special vintage for it's Artist Series, this year's artist is Eva Isaksen.  

When it comes to wine packaging, the visual aspects of the design is only one of many pieces to the puzzle. Mass production, fulfillment, shipping, product weight distribution, and user experience, are a few other puzzle pieces that must be considered before putting pen to paper to begin sketching and developing new packaging concepts.  

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Black Gold


Tattfoo's Black Gold, and portable worm bin. my massive sweet potatoes 6 of the 45 lbs pulled from one plant.

Tattfoo Tan's "Black Gold", the concept of waste as art based on his experience in both standard and vermicomposting. The year long process of composting and re-composting will yield a finely tuned plant fertilizer of worm castings available early spring of 2010. Unlike many that will keep the piece intact as a work of art, I plan on feeding it to my garden. I feel that this Black Gold will not reach it's fullest potential unless it is recycled back in to the food we eat.

What will you do with your Black Gold?

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Devouring Buenos Aires

I made the decision to vacation in Argentina on a whim.  Until we boarded the plane, even my wife had no idea where we were headed.  We had few solidified plans and little focus, other than immersing ourselves in the culture and, of course, the food.

I love a 5 star restaurant as much as the next guy, but, to truly discover an area, I believe you have to eat where the locals eat.  When in Rome.  And so, we ate our way across the Argentinean expanse.  Street food.  Beef.  Empanadas.  Beef. Thus far, the best pizza in the world. And beef.  And more empanadas.

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Decadent Design

Julia Baker Packaging

When Julia Baker Confections approached us to create their product packaging, work suddenly got sweeter. Not too far from our own offices in Scottsdale, CEO and head chef Julia Baker writes, creates and designs every recipe for her legendary custom cakes, ganaches, and even sugary replicas of haute footwear.  Every product is made from high quality ingredients (sans preservatives) and entirely from scratch. We sought to create a packaging program that conveyed that same level of attention to detail and craftsmanship.

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Redefining Take Out Packaging

Roka Akor 1

Product knowledge being crucial to packaging, Whitney and I met with chef Bjoern Weissgerber of Scottsdale's ROKA AKOR to research everything on the menu to fully understand the product... of course...

ROKA AKOR's presentation is as much a part of the experience as the food itself. True to tradition, dishes are presented on glazed Japanese stoneware and hand-chiseled crystal clear ice blocks. Décor throughout is minimalist and sleek. The openness of the restaurant layout lends itself to hours of people-watching between courses (which I love). The lighting is amazing by making every dish look as if it's been prepared for a photo shoot.

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