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eCommerce Packaging in Social Media – 4 Tips to Creating Share-Worthy Experiences


If you think your friend’s post of online purchases are just another shallow way to show off, think again. The perfectly styled image touting designer products complete with branded eCommerce packaging, creates free marketing for luxury brands like Barney’s and Mr. Porter. By creating a positive eCommerce packaging experience, the likelihood for that brand to be shared by consumers greatly increases. eCommerce is expected to outpace brick-and-mortar sales just in the next few years, reaching $370 billion by 2017.[1]  Web-enabled devices allow consumers instant access to social media platforms to share their delightful, or tragic unboxing experiences. Whatever the experience may be, it will directly affect the brand.



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How Rest In Pets Offers Dignity

Commemorative set gives your pet a dignified burial.

We've all been there: our small furry member of the family passes away and we're left with more questions than answers. What's the next step? How do we provide a dignified burial?

When Mat Bogust from THINK Packaging approached us looking for a critical eye on the concept, and presentation, we were excited for him and the product. What's been missing is giving pet parents the opportunity to provide their furry family members a dignified burial process, until now.

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Battle of the Eco-Bags

Green Bag Contest_winners  

Who says you can’t have a good time even when the economy is on the skids? Times like these that call for extra creativity in the fun department. To this end, we called on our talented co-workers at Design Packaging to create eco-chic bags for a company-wide competition. Open to all employees across every function, this challenge was met with a high level of inventiveness and style. The results were unveiled at our company end-of-year festivities.

Here were the winners:

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UPDATE: When Cute is Cool


Couldn't get enough of my first Vespa post?

The only thing better than one Vespa is two Vespas! Double your pleasure! Now depending on my mood or my outfit, I have the option of “serious” aviator grey or “sunny” warm yellow. Impulsive purchase, yes. Any regrets, absolutely not!

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When Cute is Cool

Vespa 1

I can't wipe the smile off my face when I'm riding "Lucy", as my kids call my Vespa.

Every Saturday, my sweetie and I head to Cave Creek Coffee Company (C4) on our bikes for coffee on the porch. C4 is a local gathering spot, and on Saturday mornings, the patrons are mostly Harley riders and other sport bike enthusiasts. The parking lot looks more like a motorcycle dealership and I'm always (smugly) surprised when my little Vespa gets more attention than the tricked out hogs on the lot. Because it's so darn cute!

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