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Why Sketching is a Vital Process


In a world of glossy renderings, spec sheets, and 3D printing, using sketching as a core design tool may seem antiquated, but it will always be a valuable skill in the designer's tool belt. When sketching, ideas spill out of your brain and onto the page much faster than any current process. It may lack the fidelity of detailed renderings and mockups, but by starting with sketches you are able to quickly work your way through many ideas. And in the end, come to a better and more informed solution. 

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Apple WATCH Packaging Gets Supercharged

Packaging an ecosystem of products begins with the end-user.
When Tim Cook released the Apple WATCH and iPhone 6 yesterday the first thing that came to mind was how often is the watch going to need charging? But that question quickly evolved into how will we charge it among the increasing number of mobile devices that we carry everyday needing a nightly charge? Immediately John and I discussed what that meant for consumers and the ultimate experience for charging these items on your nightstand, the clutter of cables, the ever growing mess of products; iPads, phones, and now watches. Not very minimalist, not very Apple.
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The Pleasure of Giving

Design Packaging asks the question, how do you define luxury? There are many facets to luxury and we believe giving, and paying it forward is one of them.

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eCommerce Packaging in Social Media – 4 Tips to Creating Share-Worthy Experiences


If you think your friend’s post of online purchases are just another shallow way to show off, think again. The perfectly styled image touting designer products complete with branded eCommerce packaging, creates free marketing for luxury brands like Barney’s and Mr. Porter. By creating a positive eCommerce packaging experience, the likelihood for that brand to be shared by consumers greatly increases. eCommerce is expected to outpace brick-and-mortar sales just in the next few years, reaching $370 billion by 2017.[1]  Web-enabled devices allow consumers instant access to social media platforms to share their delightful, or tragic unboxing experiences. Whatever the experience may be, it will directly affect the brand.



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The Future of Intelligent Retail


Last year’s Dieline hosted Webinar “Creating Experiences through Interactive Packaging” featured Andrew Gibbs of The Dieline, Gerardo Herrera Director of Packaging Art Center (catch him at theDieline Conference 2014), and Jay Goulliard of Avery Dennison. The discussion focused on NFC and it’s application within supply chain and potential consumer retail interaction. The benefits within the supply chain are clearly visible: the cost savings, and process streamlining through automated inventory management is a clear winner. If you are not aware of NFC, it is an application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that can be embedded into inventory and at close range can be read with an NFC–enabled device. For example, NFC–enabled products can be scanned as it is loaded onto delivery vehicles, storage, or retail shelves to manage inventory quickly from a handheld device. In sharp contrast NFC’s use within the consumer retail experience, in my opinion, requires too much time and effort on the part of the consumer by interrupting the shopping process from being truly effective.

Interactive packaging benefits won’t be felt at retail until many of these packaging technologies are implemented together as one complete system.


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FAKE ME: Counterfeit Packaging & Consumers


Most of us know at least one person toting a faux handbag, or purchasing knock-off cosmetics and skincare products; it’s an epidemic. Street vendors that once sold counterfeit goods in public arenas turned to shadowy figures in dark alleys and secret rooms which weren’t exactly safe. Now with the rising e-commerce market, those same figures have morphed into URL’s, where anybody from the comfort and safety of their home can purchase counterfeit goods. Of course this is nothing new, counterfeiters have existed from the beginning of time. What has risen however is the greater use of fraudulent packaging. The same way hidden boutiques and legitimate–looking sites draw the veils of deceit, counterfeit packaging falsely authenticates counterfeit products.

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Contributors to TheDieline.com


Our team is happy to announce that we are now official luxury packaging contributors to the well-respected packaging design blog, TheDieline! Evelio Mattos, Creative Director at Design Packaging along with packaging designer, Rob Repta will be writing articles pertaining to packaging in the luxury retail market. We’re excited to continue collaborating with the extremely talented team at TheDieline.

You can catch Evelio's article Opinion Series: Top 10 Luxury Packaging Cues, breaking down the anatomy of luxury packaging from it's aesthetics and haptic experience, to audible qualities, and olfactory branding. You can also follow up with Rob's article, A Historical Glimpse Behind Luxury Branding & Packaging, revealing a little history behind some of fashion and beauty's iconic brand packaging.

What are you dying to know, or would like for us to cover? Leave suggestions below!

That's Pretty Pinteresting


This is why we love Pinterest: the fact that we can bookmark things that inspire us anywhere from packaging design, to trends and fashion, to visual inspiration. See an innovative packaging design with a cool closure? Pin it. Paper cotoure gowns? Pin it. Hot bags? Pin it. Trends in color, fabric, and patterns? No problem, pin it. It's a place where we can show you what piques our interest. What pinterests you?

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Another Argument for Macs


After seeing Fueledbycoffee's digital sketches from Salone Del Mobile on-site from his iPad with the help of Sketchbook Pro, I now have a reason for another Mac product to clutter my counter space at home.

Flipped for my Flip Mino HD


When I picked up my Flip MinoHD, I thought I would have just torn through the packaging to get at it and start shooting, wrong. I did get through the outer double tuck end box pretty quick, pretty standard stuff, all over black, nice 4 color images, silver hotstamp, and a gloss UV. But the secondary packaging... Did stop me.

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Ruggedly Lux

 Woody (1)

Woody had to go on stable rest after an excursion that went awry. Next time, don't leave home without the GPS.

With the Holidays right around the corner, (yikes!) I’m in search for the perfect gift for Brad, my husband. See, this year he acquired a horse, and with it, a heightened sense of adventure. I’ve settled on seeking out some kind of locating device, given his recent lost-in-the-mountains-on-horseback-for-24-hours experience. While we were lucky enough to recover him unscathed (just hungry, tired and sunburned), I have resolved that on his next trail quest must be equipped with a global positioning system of some sort. I don’t ever want to call search and rescue again to find my husband.

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