Battle of the Eco-Bags

Green Bag Contest_winners

Who says you can’t have a good time even when the economy is on the skids? Times like these that call for extra creativity in the fun department. To this end, we called on our talented co-workers at Design Packaging to create eco-chic bags for a company-wide competition. Open to all employees across every function, this challenge was met with a high level of inventiveness and style. The results were unveiled at our company end-of-year festivities.

Here were the winners:

First place: A fresh take on the Capri Sun bag, this large tote wowed voters for its roominess, cheery colors and impeccable construction. Congratulations Warehouse Coordinator, Byron Mitchell!

Second place: What to do with all those old CDs now that all we need are MP3s? Make handbags out of them! For creative use of a soon-to-become-obsolete media, Production Artist Carolina Restrepo was a top contender for her design.

Third place: Next time you forget to bring your reusable shopping bag to the grocery store, consider this alternative use for those grocery bags. With the help of a crochet needle, Project Manager Becka Means designed a fun and durable purse. This bag won’t end up in a landfill anytime soon.

With so many great entries, it was tough to make the call and pick only three winners. Below is a sampling of other great submissions from materials as surprising as kitty litter boxes, socks and family photographs.

Here's to an eco-chic 2009!

Green Bag Contest


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