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Hi my name is Evelio and I am a paper folding addict.

Paper folding has always intrigued me so I’m fascinated by new techniques and love testing anything related to folding paper.

It’s obvious from my sketches that, if the concept allows me to organically incorporate folded paper into a concept, I will.  Unfortunately, most of the time those concepts work their way out of the final piece due to pricing constraints or material limitations in the mass production environment.  But, not this time…

Built completely out of folding board, the squeeze box concept developed for Auberge du Soleil Napa Valley is 100% recyclable. The hand-made truffles are well protected by the internal divider which moves with the box and allows for optimal product display.

I’m still undecided about the wrap which will hold the box closed.  Currently, I’m debating between a printed or moulded elastic band and a printed paper sleeve. What do you think? Paper or elastic?

3D rendering by Industrial Design Intern John Turner. Stay tuned - we'll be posting process pics of sketches and mock-ups.

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Chocolate Box Render 2 Cropped
Chocolate Render Cropped copy

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